Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week 35

Last weekend I went to the local agricultural fair in town. It was full of animals, rides, food and music. I didn't get too many good pictures but I think these do a nice job of giving you the feel of the place.


Week 34

The other week I took my mom to Galilee, RI for her birthday. The first two photos are from Galilee near where the Block Island Ferry terminal. This little section of water is really busy with ferry boats and lobstermen.

Nearby is the Point Judith lighthouse. It is still an active light at the tip of Narragansett Bay. There is a small section of beach where people fish, surf and collect the rocks. And plenty of sea gulls perched on the buildings.

More on No. 15.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 33

The weather in Vermont was not the most cooperative but I did shoot a roll a film of the gardens at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. The last one is the sign at the start of the many hiking trails on the property.

There are more over on No. 15


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 32

Last week I went up to Maine for a night and got to visit Fort Popham. The views were beautiful and the stone spiral staircase was amazing. The last one is my favorite though, it reminds me of a vintage postcard.


Week 31

Some times you get lucky and love almost every picture on the roll. This is one of those weeks. These were taken at Mystic Seaport Museum, a living history museum depicting of life in a 19th century coastal village. More photos over at No. 15.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 30

Every year Buttonwood Farm holds their Sunflowers for Wishes event. They plant fields of sunflowers and when they are in peak bloom they invite the public to come through. You can take a wagon ride through them or view them from the roadside. The ice cream stand serves a special sunflower ice cream and they have bouquets for sale. The proceeds go to the Make a Wish Foundation. I met up early one morning with a group of photography friends to take pictures. One of them brought that amazing crystal ball. We had a great time playing with that, the reflections are so cool. There are more pictures from my digital camera over on No. 15.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 29 - Brimfield Antique Markets

A couple weeks ago my mom and I made our annual trip to the Brimfield Antique Markets in Brimfield, MA. It is a week long antiques fair that runs for about a mile down the main street. There are fields upon fields of antiques. It was so hot we only got to stay for a few hours but we picked up lots of goodies and some Christmas presents too. Each vendor displays their booth as they see fit, some look like the trunk exploded and everything was left as it lay and others are carefully laid out like a shop. These are some of my favorite "shop" like booths.

There are more photos over on No. 15.